Welcome to WPMU-DEV.com, my review blog to remind people that Wrongful Promises Make Us – DEVIOUS!Devious

I was inspired to start this blog after a couple horrible experiences with some web development companies, one of which took me for about $10,000 in cash, and another most recent one (wpmudev) who took me for about $10,000 of my personal time, and is the straw that broke this camels back!

I chose the name “Wrong Promises Make Us – DEVIOUS!” (WPMU-DEV) because we’re all in this together (as humans), and we all make mistakes sometimes when making promises that we cannot fulfill, but those wrong promises make us DEVIOUS when we don’t fix the problems surrounding those wrong promises.

So, I will now begin blogging about this, and I plan to make each topic last about 12 months before I switch to a new topic.   I’ll start with my most recent experience, which was my biggest inspiration, and ultimately I should thank them for helping me come up with my name because it was through their poor treatment that I decided to start this blog, and oddly enough, we have a similar acronym name WPMU-DEV (Wrong Promises Make Us – DEVIOUS!) versus wpmudev (wordpress multi user developers).

Without further ado, let’s get my blog started.  Click here to start with some reviews on wpmu dev!

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