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This blog starts my intro to WPMU DEV Plugin Reviews

As you know, wpmudev.org (also known as wpmu.org, wpmudev.com, premium.wpmudev.org,  wpmu.com) inspired me to start my own blog about how wrong promises make us devious in character.  Well, that inspiration for my blog  name is the only thing nice I have to say about wpmu dev, and it is based on my seven month nightmare experience with wpmudev, so unfortunately if you clicked on the wpmudev category here looking for good reviews about wpmu dev, you simply won’t find it!

wpmu dev reviewsWith my reviews about wpmu dev,

I hope that nobody has to experience what I did.  I think you have to be a programmer/coder/developer in order to be a successful member of wpmu dev, however, they don’t market theirself like that.  They market their self as having working plugins, with guarantees, and awesome support.  Well, that’s not the case, and customization/tweaking/finishing is needed on all the plugins I used, which we will dive into during these wpmudev reviews.

Most of you reading this know that wpmu dev is a place to purchase plugins and themes for your wordpress website, however what many of you don’t know yet is that wpmudev is probably not what you’re expecting, even though their website looks great and makes all sorts of wonderful promises.  Maybe web developers and coders can take their basic functionality and customize it, but wpmudev wasn’t targeting web developers only… they’re targeting people like me who want simplicity when building a website by using plugins with wordpress.org.

Well, unfortunately you do have to be a programmer/coder/developer in order to get anywhere with their plugins because support sure won’t get back to you in a timely manner, nor will any “fixes” be actually fixed usually.  So, do yourself a favor and run far away from wpmudev.org and all the other names they are using out there for some scandalous reason (wpmu.org, wpmudev.com, premium.wpmudev.org,  wpmu.com).

I spent 7 months of nightmares (about 300-350 hours) dealing with wpmu dev because I was constantly being strung along by false promises and misleading communication that things were being done, and trying to figure things out myself.  Yes, 7 months is a long time, and you’d think I would get out a lot earlier, however, it happened so fast!  They hooked me in with false promises (which you will get to see in my posts over the next 12 months) and then they kept me on board paying them for a few months while they pretended to fix the bugs I was reporting.

See… I was trying to make a website on my own, and wordpress.org is the world’s go-to for making your own website, WPMU Dev is a developer of plugins and themes for the wordpress platform, along with many many others out there. WordPress.org has thousands of free plugins and themes, so why would I purchase plugins and themes from another company such as wpmudev??  For better-quality, more extensive functionality, of course!

Well, the wpmu dev plugin reviews

I’m going to be posting will show you that their plugins and themes are not completely what they claim to be, and they certainly didn’t extend any more functionality that I expected to get, as advertised on their plugins.  Their basic functionality worked, but we can get free plugins all day with basic functionality.  I needed the functionality that they promised, and I spent 7 months troubleshooting with wpmudev before I simply couldn’t handle anymore loss of time.  After all, time is money (in a sense) and I spent far too much money by then.

These wpmudev reviews will also demonstrate their false promises, which gives wpmu dev poor reviews.

WPMU DEv is one developer company to stay far away from, and my reviews on wpmudev are dedicated to getting the word out about my experience because I wish for nobody to go through what I did.


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