First WPMU DEV Reviews

The first review of wpmudev I’d like to share is

in their wrongful promises and claims “what you get with a wpmu dev membership”, which looks really really great on paper, but couldn’t be further from the truth.

And, the number one thing to remember while reading all of my wpmu dev reviews is that wpmudev plugins and themes seem to require additional coding or programming, which means you need to be a web developer because wpmu dev plugins have so many bugs… of which I am not a developer!  However, they’re marketing (wrong promises) their service as “like having your own wordpress development team”

WPMU DEV review features

That quote is taken directly from their webpage, and this wpmu dev review screenshot proves that.

Click on it to take a closer look at my reviews of wpmu dev and see for yourself.  In my opinion, this is completely a scam pitch and wordpress should step in and say something to them, because they are absolutely nothing “like” this., at all, MUCH LESS even a development team for their own plugins, because their plugins don’t work the way they are advertised.

This brings up my next review for wpmu dev plugins... They claim to be “amazing” as seen here on this wpmudev reviews screenshot, however, they don’t function the way they are advertised.

WPMU DEV mentions so many great features on their plugins, and those features are certainly great ideas, they just never got finished, so these wpmudev plugins are full of bugs and don’t function in full.  It was truly a nightmare, and I spent several months troubleshooting with wpmu dev plugin support, which is why they are now getting bad reviews.

Plus, they refuse to refund my money!  I mean… my time-spent is really what I would love to get back from wpmu dev support, however that’s impossible, and I went through hell and back trying to get them to refund my money.  THEY HAVE A GUARANTEE but they will not live up to this guarantee and they act like dragging you through months of pointless bug fixes that never fully get fixed is excusable as “them trying to help”.  Well, I purchased WORKABLE plugins, not non-working plugins!

I am so incredibly disappointed with wpmu dev plugins, and this is why they are making my list of bad reviews for the my first 12 months during this blog project called Wrong Promises Make Us – DEVIOUS (WPMU-DEV) where I will be delivering reviews on companies that make false promises and then don’t take accountability.

Stay tuned for more poor reviews on wpmu dev plugins and themes

because I have quite a few controversial screenshots to share with you that proves these wpmu-dev reviews are rightfully bad reviews!   In my next blog, we will talk about m ore false promises, and then onto PROOF that wpmu dev plugins are buggy, and PROOF that wpmu dev takes forever to address and fix these bugs while we continue to spend our time and money waiting on them, and PROOF that wpmu dev bad reviews are accurate!

Here’s a sneak peak screenshot of what’s to come:

wpmu dev reviews on their buggy plugins proof 3


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