Controversial WPMU DEV Reviews

What makes these wpmudev plugin reviews so controversial

is the fact that their website clearly states so many wrong promises, and I have clear proof of it, YET THEY STILL wouldn’t provide me a refund, much less apologize for dragging me through several months of hella nightmares!

But, why would they right?  I mean… if wpmu dev plugins are buggy and the support is slow and neglectful at absolute best! yet their website markets their service and plugins completely differently, then I guess they wouldn’t provide a refund, would they?

Scammers like wpmu dev don’t lie AND refund, and that’s why wpmu dev reviews are so bad!

That wouldn’t make sense as a scandalous plugin developer company!  No, so , wpmu dev plugin developer reviews won’t talk about how they actually do what they say they will…. the wpmu dev plugin reviews tell you about how THEY DON’T do what they say, such as fulfill their guarantee about refunds and plugins working properly.

Before I show you a screen shot of my own support requests and experiences, let’s take a look at these false claims where they not only wrongfully promise 24/7/365 support, but they lead you to believe they normally get to you in under an hour!  Just click on this photo screenshot from their website that I circled a few important highlights to back up these bad reviews about wpmudev plugins and themes.

wpmu dev support review

I can tell you from several months of experience with wpmudev support and their plugins, that these claims are absolutely insulting, and my opinions leading up to these horrible wpmudev plugin reviews are spelled loud and clear as a direct result from my treatment.

If you google wpmu dev in search of more reviews, which I should have done a lot more of before I spent a single dollar or minute with them, you’ll find a common pattern in the fact that the reviews for wpmu dev show that they don’t hold up to their guarantee, nor their offers, nor their quality of plugins.

It’s like they come up with good ideas and start coding a plugin, then just stop before it is fully functional.  So, if you’re a programmer/developer/coder and you want to purchase some good ideas that you can hack away at for dozens of hours, you might find some plugins worth looking at.  I just don’t recommend it!

Here’s a sneak peak at my next blog that will show more wrongful promises which lead to more controversial wpmu dev reviews:

bad headaches with wpmudev review

This is where they get you on board for pennies on the dollar, and start their process of strung out support, buggy plugins that you wish worked so you request support, and pretend fixes that are about to drag you through months of nothingness!


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