Reviews for Buggy Plugins by WPMU DEV

As I promised, here’s more wpmu dev reviews about their buggy plugins and wrongful promises.

bad headaches with wpmudev reviewAs you’ll quickly see by clicking on this photo, wpmu dev promises “no headaches or buggy plugins” and other false claims leading you to believe they are “like your own wordpress development team.”

I think should sue for using their trademark to profit from, and harming their trademark by performing poor service around it.  In fact, now that it is documented here, I’ll probably reach out to wordpress with this exact recommendation, because this is exactly why I became a member with wpmu dev.  I’m not a coder/developer/programmer, nor am I a wordpress expert, so I really needed this “like” wordpress development team, as they promised.  I’ve had a horrible wordpress experience and it is 100% directly caused by this company

Instead, it was absolutely a wrongful promise, and now I’m writing bad reviews on wpmudev plugins and themes.


I hope wpmu dev takes this as an opportunity to stop being so devious (click this photo for definitions of devious).

I asked for a refund since their plugins didn’t do what they say they do, in full, and they refused to give one to me, plus, they insulted me with more mumbo jumbo via email that just ran me around in circles longer and longer.

The more I blog and provide you with accurate reviews about, the more I realize how badly this company needs to be stopped.  I’ve found more reviews out there from others who experienced exactly what I have.

Take a look at this screenshot from two others who experienced exactly what I’m writing bad wpmu dev reviews on.

Consumer Reviews for wpmu dev

 Here’s a sneak peak at my next blog, which will show you more wpmu dev reviews about their buggy plugins and poor support.

and it will show you a glimpse at their Refund and Claims policy.  It’s shocking and disturbing that wpmu dev is allowed to operate in business while crushing a quality brand like wordpress.   Here are a couple photos to click on in preparation for my next wpmu dev plugin reviews:

wpmudev reviews and refund policy review Claims Against WPMU DEV bad reviews


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