Refund Claims at WPMU DEV

Talk about misleading and wrongful promises that make you devious… check out these refund and claims policy by wpmu dev plugins and themes company.

wpmudev reviews and refund policy review Claims Against WPMU DEV bad reviews

After you read up on my wpmu dev reviews, and see my screenshots from real life situations with wpmu dev plugin support, you’ll have proof that wpmu dev is a company worth running away from as fast as you can.  Let my experiences save you time and money!

Even other current reviews online about wpmu dev talk about how they won’t process refunds, support sucks with wpmudev, and their pluggins are buggy (remember this screenshot?)

Consumer Reviews for wpmu devWell, I’ve experienced it first hand, that wpmudev does not do what they say they will do in regards to refunds and claims.

This shouldn’t be tolerated, and if you can save yourself now, do it!

My upcoming blogs about wpmu dev ratings and reviews will show you proof that they don’t provide timely answers to your support needs, they don’t provide bug fixes, and they don’t live up to their guarantee!

Again, I said you WILL SEE PROOF!

Stay tuned and be sure to check out my previous posts about all the wpmudev reviews you’ve missed out on so far, but still need to read about.  You can see a list of these reviews to the right here, and be sure to subscribe to this blog because it’s about to get real detailed with screenshots that will demonstrate why these bad wpmu dev reviews should be taken so seriously.

Again, I spent nearly 7 months dealing with this company before I gave up on trying to use their buggy plugins or get a refund.  So, you can bet that I’ll be sharing all my wpmudev plugins and themes reviews with you, in efforts to ensure nobody goes through what I went through with wpmu dev plugins and support.

Here’s a slide show sneak peak at what all my previous posts contain,

and don’t go too far, because my wpmu dev ratings and reviews are about to get real detailed!

At least now you’ve seen some wpmu dev refunds and claims screenshots.



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