WPMU DEV Reviews On Their False Guarantee

The wpmudev reviews I’m sharing today are in regards to their false guarantee.

I haven’t seen such a well crafted scam like this company, outside of a Hollywood movie!   No joke, this company  is in my opinion one of the greatest 21st century social scams I can imagine.  In fact, I couldn’t even imagine a scam like wpmudev.org pulls off, until I was ran through it myself for seven months.

If you haven’t read my last post about their charge backs and refunds policy, be sure to look at that too because it coincides with this false guarantee, and it supports why wpmu dev gets such bad reviews.

bout wpmu dev guarantee

WPMU Dev guarantees that their plugins will work, and they promise “no more suffering with broken, poorly coded, free plugins” and “that’s the wpmudev money-back guarantee.”

Well here’s what’s so amazing about that… The word “FREE” in that sentence is how wpmudev is so fraudulent.  See, their plugins are not free, therefor when they make you suffer from your “paid” broken, poorly-coded plugins… well, they got you!  See it on the photo I included here.

It’s the “Guaranteed to work” part that really gets me about these wpmu dev reviews I’m sharing…

These plugins only work at a basic level, and then the great features that you paid for… they don’t work!  They’re really buggy, and you’ll spend thousands of dollars in your own time if you aren’t a programmer, coder, or wordpress expert who knows the lingo and when to run the other direction.

See, I thought this company was with wordpress when I first came across them, because they do talk about how paying for these plugins comes with a team of your own wordpress developers.  Which is a false promise all on it’s own.

And, I have an email documentation of where they scolded me for “downloading a bunch of their plugins”.  HA!  That’s what I paid for.  That’s what they sell.  I couldn’t believe it.   This company is a true scam.

WPMU Dev reviews will continue to be posted here because I have quite a few screenshots to share with you.  Next, I’ll be showing some more bad reviews about wpmudev from real customers.  I only wish this was available to me before I made the mistake of trusting them.



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