Proof of WPMU DEV Buggy Plugins

Want PROOF that wpmu dev plugins are buggy?

You’re about to see some screenshots demonstrating that wpmu-dev plugins are buggy, and their support is flakey.  Remember their Guarantee about having working plugins and great support.  Well, you’re about to see PROOF how two months goes by and I still don’t have resolve!

wpmu dev reviews on their buggy plugins proof 3

Look at my red print on these screenshots very carefully.  You’ll notice that the staff member named PC is telling me that he cannot get the feature to work either.  This alone is a confirmation that their plugins are buggy!

This is exactly why wpmu-dev gets bad reviews for their buggy plugins.

Because they are full of false promises.  This devious activity without refunding customers is exactly why they are getting a reputation as a scam.  They are fraudulent because they don’t refund as they promise, and their plugins don’t work as advertised, and their support doesn’t communicate timely.

Notice the quote by the staff guy PC, he says “He should be there sooner than later.”

Oh wow!  Thanks!

And guess what, it was at least one month later, which you’ll see PROOF of that in this screenshot above, along with PROOF that the plugins are buggy!

Just look at the date stamps that I have drawn red lines to.  This is just one incident where I’ve been on standby for over a month.  If you’re wondering how I could be with a company like this for several months… it’s because I didn’t know better and was taken advantage of as they continued to deliver false promises and lies.

WPMU Dev now gets the worse reviews possible and I hope I help you realize this before you purchase even the cheapest offer they have, such as the current one for $10 to get you locked in.

bad headaches with wpmudev review

DON’T FALL FOR IT!!!  I DID, AND NOW HERE I AM, giving you the honest truth about reviews on



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