More PROOF of Buggy Plugins by WPMU DEV

Want even more proof that the plugins wpmudev sells you are buggy and inconsistent?

Check out these screenshots and see why everyone is giving bad reviews for wpmudev plugins and themes.

wpmu dev reviews on their buggy plugins and developers quitting

This screenshot not only confirms that the wpmudev plugin is buggy because the staff member is saying “I can confirm the bug”, but it also confirms more about the nightmare I went through while waiting for support because the plugin developer “no longer works for wpmudev”.

Well, that’s a great sign… minus the great sign part, of course!

This company can’t even retain developers, much less customers, as we all become aware of how they run this revolutionary scam to get us to pay them to roll out new ideas while we also pay to be their bug testers!

No joke, that’s the scam.  And it works, because I went through it for several months, and now I’m writing reviews for wpmudev so others can hopefully find this first.

This is definitely more proof that of wpmudev plugins are buggy…

so, I hope you’re wise and pay attention to these reviews.

Again, I hope I prevent anyone from going through what I went through with wpmu dev plugins and themes.

Ready for more proof of the buggy plugins from wpmudev, which support these bad reviews?

wpmu dev reviews on their buggy plugins and developers quittingTake a look at this screenshot.  Another wpmu dev staff member confirming the bug by saying “I’m flagging the developer with a confirmed bug report”.  

If this isn’t enough proof, I don’t know what else is.

However, I do have more to show you about wpmu dev and why they get bad reviews.  In short, they are a scam of a company, and I’m going to prove that to you in my blog here.

You’ll see other reviews coming up soon, screenshots of wpmudev reviews from real customers.  It’s no joke, their buggy plugins, poor support, and refusal to refund your money has collectively placed them on the scam alert.

I just hope my reviews of wpmudev get out to you before it’s too late!




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